Make sure you have the newest version of the game app installed.

If the game can not connect to Facebook, then first close the game app, log out of Facebook and back in and then reopen the game app.

If the app is displayed blank and the game does not load on your device properly, then the game is most likely unable to connect to our server. In such cases, the game automatically tries to reconnect to our server and will start up normally once the connection is established. If for some reason this does not happen it may help to close the app and re-open it to get the game to reconnect:

1. If you have Bubbles IQ open, first press the home button once to exit to your home screen.

2. In the home screen, press the home button twice. A list of all running apps will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

3. Look for the Bubbles IQ and swipe it up to close it and press the home button once to close the list. Then start the game normally again.

4. Make sure your device is connected to the internet in order for the game to work.