If you have connected the game to Facebook but can't see your friends, please check your Facebook settings and make sure that you've turned your friend settings on;

1.) Go to Settings -> Apps
2.) Hover over the game icon and click the pencil icon to edit your settings
3.) Check if you have “Info you provide to this app” your Facebook Friend listed, and make sure that the blue circle after it, is ticked too. Save your new settings.
4.) If you don't see Facebook Friends listed, you have to reinstall the game to allow Bubbles IQ access to your friend list:
- click Cancel and uninstall the app from Facebook by clicking the X
- when reinstalling the app, a pop up is displayed that tells which information you share with Bubbles IQ
- click "Edit the info you provide" to edit what you share if your Friend List is not mentioned (make sure the blue circle behind Friend List is ticked) and click Play to install